Hi. Welcome to GeekMum in Australia.

This blog is my place to put all the stuff I want to remember about photos, cameras, online music, kids stuff, and general things of interest to fellow geek mums.

You know how it is – you see a great article in a newspaper or magazine about the best place to buy online music (legally), or things to do with your phones or camera, or even how to print and store your digital photographs. So you cut out the page, and save it in the flat file for later reference. And never see it again. Or else it becomes obsolete without your knowledge.

I have a stack of those newspapers next to my bed. And I still haven’t got an online music strategy ready for my kids. And this week, those newspapers are going to go, and be replaced by this easy-to-find blog.

So if you want an easy place to keep up to date with fun technology and gadgets, written in easy-to-understand mum language, feel welcome to visit, drop a line, suggest something, or just bookmark me.

See you soon.

Btw, I set up this blog kind of wierdly. So the home button brings you to this page, instead of the standard Blog Categories.

So if you want to see the static menu-based stuff, click on specific menu topics.

Or if you want blog-based interest stuff, click on ALL within CATEGORIES, and you’ll get to see the latest goss.

Good luck.

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