WordPress Site

For a standard website that doesn’t need ecommerce, I use WordPress.

I have a preferred company to host the actual website – SiteGround – it’s the fastest, most reliable company I’ve dealt with in my last 15 years of using WordPress. It includes email addresses, so you can have a personalised email address such as myname@mywebsite.com.

I have a preferred theme company, with heaps of different premade layouts, so it’s fast to build – Elegant Themes – Divi.  Here’s an demo website using their Construction theme – Sample Tradie Site.

The most important part is the content and how it gets organised.  To help people find you in Google, there really should be some keyword research and site planning first.  The first step is to get a description of the company, your products and services, and past projects, with photos of your work. Then I can advise on how to organise the content.

Finally I get to my favourite part – putting analytics on it and creating a dashboard so you can see where your traffic is coming from.

You will need a domain name. I usually get them from https://www.netregistry.com.au/domain-names/

So if you’re interested, click on the description below and see the next steps.




Next Steps:

  • Get your domain name, if you don’t already have one.
  • Let me know if there’s a particular Divi layout you like, or if you’re happy to start with the Construction Theme. We can change colours, fonts, remove sections – almost anything, later on.
  • Signup for hosting at SiteGround – the “Startup” package is enough for an initial WordPress site.
  • You’ll need to provide me with access to your Domain account, so that I can point it to the SiteGround hosting.
  • Provide the starting content – descriptions, photos etc.
  • We’ll chat, and I’ll let you know the best approach for organising the site content.
  • I’ll need access to your SiteGround account so I can upload the WordPress site and theme.
  • I’ll provide documentation on how to update the site.
  • Then we’ll refine it so that it best suits your needs.
  • I’ll provide initial suggestions on how to promote the site, such as Google local business.