Site Review

The site review is the initial high-level review of your website – made up of a technical SEO review,  and a light look at your competitors. It is intended to work out where you are now, and what you need to do to get where you want to be.  The mountain-top view of your website.

There are many aspects to managing a website – how you update it, who helps you, whether there are any backend integrations, what email platform you use, and any social media accounts. Who you consider to be your competitors. What keywords you would like to rank for.

Ideally you’ll already have analytics installed, so I can see what is currently working for you. If not, I’ll add it.

I’ll need access to your platform backend, so I can see how it is configured.

I can then run a few scans, look at your code, your analytics and your configuration, to get a pretty good idea of where you’re at.

And more importantly, what are the high-level changes – both quick wins and otherwise – that I’d recommend to improve your website traffic and conversion rate.

The output is a document containing the findings and recommendations.

Please see the Description section below, for more details.




The process


  • I send you a questionnaire to answer
  • You provide me with access to your platform and Google Analytics
  • Ideally you’ll give me access to Google Search Console. If you don’t have it, we can set it up and wait a few days for data to accumulate.


  • I run a technical SEO crawl on your site
  • I manually view the source code


  • I have a look at your analytics settings and configuration
  • I’ll share a basic data studio dashboard using your analytics account


  • I’ll have a quick look at competitor’s keywords and backlinks


  • I’ll see how you are currently ranking for some of your preferred keywords
  • I’ll review one of your pages for optimisation against the target keyword

The output:

  • Findings and recommendations for the next steps
  • A marketing planning spreadsheet in Google Sheets

Please note that this is an investigation piece – it does not include updates to your site or your analytics.   The recommendations may include detailed keyword analysis, detailed competitor analysis, analytics updates and website updates.