eBooks pleasures

I’m a reader. Compulsively. Newspapers, magazines, books, cereal boxes, blogs, brochures – anything. But my physical bookshelves are scattered.

Hence the pleasure of ebooks. My trusty Nexus tablet lives in my handbag or at my desk, ready to be picked up and read at any moment.

I have my favourite book of all time – Intervention, by Julian May – saved in memory, plus a selection of fiction and non-fiction also available.

I’ve tried a number of ebook apps – Kindle, Gitden, Aldiko, Universal book reader, and finally Google ebooks.

I’ve settled on Google Play Books as I like the page-turning better, plus the books are often cheaper than Kindle/Amazon.

And my Sunday morning pleasure is reading the SunHerald in bed (hard copy today) and reading the “books that changed me” section.

Today’s selection was from Kathryn Ledson. She started off well by admitting to Enid Blyton as a child, then moving on to The Hobbit. So I thought I’d check out her other recommendations. I’d already already read A B Facey’s A Fortunate Life, so I checked out Peter Ustinov’s The Old Man and Mr Smith.

Looking fun so far, purely because I could search for the background, read the reviews, decide to purchase it and download it to my tablet in the space of a few minutes, without getting out of bed. And create this blog post.

It’s a good life

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