WordPress performance tune Feb09

WordPress performanc...

Sometimes you find the right plugin. I’ve been playing with WordPress for a couple of weeks, reorganising my AdWords, AdSense, Analytics, Tag Manager, AddThis accounts into consolidated accounts. All managed through the lovely ManageWP interface. This year I’m planning to...

Superbowl Ads Feb05

Superbowl Ads

In my world, it’s all about the ads. With a hotdog chaser.

goo.gl referral spam Jan24

goo.gl referral spam

The spam inside the machine (analytics).

Acer 501 update Jan19

Acer 501 update

The lengthy path to an Android version update.

Penguin talk May14

Penguin talk

The penguin SEO update – over-optimisation.

Redirect experiments May09

Redirect experiments

Experiments in redirects from an analytics perspective.

Size does matter Apr21

Size does matter

I thought I would be happy with 13 inches. But it wasn’t enough.

The best Sydney bus driver Apr01

The best Sydney bus ...

Some people are just nice.

good seo Feb18

good seo

The periodic table of SEO Ranking Factors.

Which device? Oct16

Which device?

For multi-processors the dilemma is which device to choose.