Halloween Australia

I’ve just started promoting my new Halloween Australia website, Halloween Australia.
It’s written from the ground-up in php, with a mysql database to store halloween events.
The goal is to let local families spread the word on how they plan to organise trick-or-treating.
In previous years, a family in my suburb has dropped leaflets telling people to tie a balloon to their front fence. Although I don’t always get one.
And sometimes they’ve decided to celebrate Halloween on the weekend, instead of the actual day.
The events section also lets you list community halloween events that are open to all, such as school or community parades.
I’ve put some of my favourite halloween recipes up.
In the next few days I’ll add a few more forms to allow people to submit photos, recipes and stories to the site.
It’ll be fun to see how well i can get it ranking in the weeks leading to Halloween.
I haven’t done much link building yet, but I will probably start this afternoon.

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