Google Recipes

Google Recipes sums up cooking in the noughties.

Not a specific Google function, Google Recipes involves typing in whatever ingredients you have at home, and looking for a recipe that uses it. So if you only have some chicken legs, an onion and tomato paste, go to and type in “chicken tomato paste onion recipe” and see what comes up. Go through the results to see which one looks best, or uses least extra ingredients, and voila, your dinner plan for the night.

Some tips:
– Set a time limit. Otherwise you’ll browse for hours
– Choosing one ingredient will give you too many recipes
– Including too many ingredients will give you lists of foods rather than recipes
– Exclude foods using “minus”. Eg search for “chicken tomato recipe -italian” will exclude recipes with the word italian on the page.

Not that I’ve done it. My kids don’t eat onions.

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