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Getting Organised

It’s a new financial year, and time for some new year’s resolutions. Of the business kind.

My biggest challenge is KISSing. As in Keep It Simple Stupid.

As an easily distracted person (look, flying pig! shiny new gadget! awesome code solution! new word to learn!) I have to consciously force myself to stay on track. Which is why I love lists and spreadsheets so much. They force me to reduce my detailed thoughts to a concise checklist that summarises the key points in a way that I can quickly present to other people. It’s a standard joke at work that I have so much information to transfer from my head to others, that I speak at quadruple speed, quietly but with great enthusiasm, so that I can share my joy in knowledge with others.

So, my solution.

  • Google Drive, organised into folders
  • Google Sheets, with tabs per subject
  • Gmail, organised into folders
  • 1Password, secure passwords, synchronising between devices
  • Reduced platforms (Apple Mac, Samsung Phone/Tablet/Watch)
  • And finally, backups.

Google Drive is a key part of my organisation system, and also has family photos from my phone syncing into it. I would hate to lose it.

So I have backups of my Google Account now being backed up with Spanning at https://spanning.com/products/google-apps-backup/

I also have backups to external hard drives, saved in a fire- and water-proof safe.

That should cover things nicely.

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