doncha love bing

gotta say bing is nice is some ways.

it’s shorter to type than google.
and it really loves my old-fashioned hyphenated domain names.

i was playing with my online shopping site – tonight, cos a couple of shops asked if they could be added.
then thought i’d see how it was ranking.

not for the title – myonlineshops. there’s not much competition for a single word like that, so it easily appears at number 1 on google, yahoo and bing.

but i had originally targetted “online shopping australia” – it’s the second half of the title on the home page.

so i went to to see how it ranks.

oops. i forgot that i had bought a while back, planning to experiment with a shopping comparison engine.
didn’t end up building it – just did an empty drupal install, and left it there, while i went ahead and built myonlineshops – with lots of drupal bells and whistles.

so purely based on the domain name, with one sentence added, it ranks number 4 at bing for a competitive keyword. the page title is still drupal, for goodness sakes.

mind you, even yahoo gives me a page three result for the empty site, so yahoo still has a little domain name slant.

it’s nowhere on google of course – there are no incoming links. Although why not add one: Online Shopping Australia

Also checked my old web design site from years ago. Yep, Bing likes web-design in the name – a nice position 5. I don’t use it anymore – just leave it there for the residual page rank.

And my healthy home business is number one for work from home in australia.

bing, i think i really like you.
even if you remind me of the irish terrier dog down the road, also named bing, with the horribly dribbly chin.

these shameless plugs will really have to stop soon.

lol. or as my kids say: L.

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