ColdFusion and the Geekcode

It’s time to learn a new language. ColdFusion. And the whole world of Macromedia – oops, Adobe.

At least the developer version of CF is free. But I really should have read the installation guide before launching into it. Otherwise I would be finished by now, instead of being halfway through the installation, without having decided how I was going to run it online.

I read one comment which suggested setting up a local test environment based on Apache, instead of IIS, to allow more than one application at a time. Then realised I had an old version of Apache, (set up as part of the WAMP environment for testing PHP), that needed updating.

But after Googling “coldfusion mx7 apache windows xp” , I found a great site by Stephen Collins, at StephenCollins – a fellow Aussie. He has written a whole PDF on how to install my preferred environment.

Pity I got sidetracked reading his blog. And learnt from him (about a decade late (blame the kids)) about the Geekcode.

So here is mine:
Version: 3.1
GCS s++:- !a C+++ P– W+++ N+++ ps+ pe pgp+ X+ R* DI+++ b+++ e++ h- z++++ G-

Feel welcome to go to to decode it. Based on the original

Dang I wish I’d had a PC between 1994 and 1999. I missed out on so much of the internet in the fun stages.

I don’t really blame the kids. If I’d had a PC, I probably wouldn’t have spent so much fun time with them doing craft, going to parks, and general mum stuff. It’s all good.

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