Brrreeeport and storycode

Brrreeeport is the new blog word-of-the-week. From Microsoft’s blogger Scoble, it’s an attempt to let unpopular blogs become popular by getting listed on Technorati for the word Brrreeeport. So the word doesn’t actually mean anything. It’s embarrassing to get caught using it – it means I’ve read Scoble’s blog. Eek. I’ll try not to do it again, even for a new word.

Like ‘Festy’. My oldest has just started high school and bumped into the word Festy. He doesn’t actually know what it means, but everyone uses it, so he wants to. And in my attempt to become hip, I looked it up, naturally on Google. And according to Urban Dictionary, it’s just the latest word for ‘Gross’.

In my latest attempt to beat the mid-life crisis, I just bought my first pair of hipster jeans. Even tho they’re on the way out, I still feel extra hip. Yuk yuk.

The other things I got from Scoble were blogcode and Skip the first, and go to StoryCode only. I started browsing alphabetically, and got lost hopping from book to book review. All these books I’d love to read. That others have recommended. A good idea.

Óne day, when my landline and ISP work on the same day, I’ll finish updating this blog. Until then……

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