an ode to new years eve

with apologies to Clement Moore.

twas january 1st
and all through the house
not a creature was stirring
not even a mouse

the kids were still snuggled
asleep in their beds
late nights and much walking
had addled their heads

we olds were enjoying
a morning of peace
the dogs werent yet barking
no-one on the streets

we pondered again
how our plans went awry
for a hot spicy midnight
under fireworked sky

the odds had seemed good
that the kids would be dozy
near midnight, allowing us
time to get cosy

but alas, they’re now teens
with parties to go to
one under the bridge
another the zoo

we couldnt enjoy
the bottle of moet
we had to stay sober
til all were home safely

one came home quickly
1 am’s not too bad
but as expected a call came
could we get a lift home dad?

and they were all starving
mcdonalds was full
new years resolution broken
to eat healthy food

we tucked in to hotdogs
as 2am beckoned
not quite what the plan was
their dad and i reckoned

but january 1
has a night of its own
we claimed it as our night
and partied at home.

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