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Welcome to GeekMum.

Geekmum is an SEO & Analytics-addicted Sydney mum of two extremely extremely tall boys and a gorgeous black labrador, frequently found wallowing on the web.

Geekmum enjoys lusting over the latest gadgets, laptops, books, playing piano, and day-dreaming about paying off my mortgage, courtesy of my stunning web development and search engine optimisation skills 🙂

Works during the day as Developer, SEO/Analyst and Digital Marketer with some spectacular web guys at webqem.

Has lots of sites, based around my hobbies and interests. They include:

Mistress of Mocktails
Christmas Australia
Halloween Australia

Apart from playing piano and hanging out with family, I actually really enjoying these things:

  • Auditing and fixing Google Analytics Accounts
  • Installing and configuring Google Tag Manager
  • Building Google Data Studio Reporting Dashboards
  • Technical Competitor and SEO Reviews
  • Building WordPress and Shopify websites

Happy to chat about these things if you are interested.