Getting Organised

It’s a new financial year, and time for some new year’s resolutions.

Marketing Checklist

My ultimate checklist for digital marketing.

WordPress Analytics

Don’t know which analytics plugin to use for WordPress? Look no further.

My first cartoon Jun23

My first cartoon

Many years ago I had dreams of having a cartoon section on this site…

Keyword Tools Oct03

Keyword Tools

My favourite keyword research tool.

Updating an old site

When your kids shame you into updating a site…

Dominos Fails Jun01

Dominos Fails

I don’t think it’s possible to describe how bad the ordering process was. But I’ll try.

eBooks pleasures Apr06

eBooks pleasures

Sunday mornings with eBooks.

S3 fails Sep26

S3 fails

When firmware bricks your device.

Goodbye Drupal Jun11

Goodbye Drupal

On the weekend I replaced my last Drupal site with a WordPress one. The main reason was that it and one other site had become resource hogs due to spammers. The registration tables were bloated and it felt like my host had downgraded my sites to a slower server. That plus upgrading drupal is...